Welcome to Maryland 511

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) is modernizing the statewide 511 service to be more efficient, save taxpayer dollars, and enhance future service to you, our customers.

Since the launch of Maryland 511 in 2011, there have been significant technological changes that have transformed the way that you and others receive traffic information. Notably, new traffic-information services like Waze and Google Maps have become popular. Statistics show that with the advent of these apps, calls per month to 511 have dropped from a high of over 86,000 calls in May, 2012 to a low of just below 15,000 in June, 2017. We get the message: We are changing Maryland 511 to ensure that you, the driving public, continue to receive the most important travelers’ information using the most current, widely used technology.

Starting in late October, Maryland 511 users will see:

  • Easier cell phone use: Maryland 511 is eliminating the Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) menu. Instead, when you call, you will hear a single report that provides you with significant statewide incidents and delays.
  • No need to register: MDOT will discontinue customized My Maryland 511 registration because it is only serving a small number of drivers (only 1,600 of the over four million registered Maryland drivers have an active account.)
  • A single, useful website: The Maryland 511 website will merge with the popular CHART (Coordinated Highways Action Response Team) website. If you click on the current 511 link, you will enjoy a new user experience designed to quickly get you the critical traffic information that you need.
  • Coming! Social media: We will introduce a single statewide Twitter feed to replace the current feeds for four regions and the state. We have listened to the numerous comments that the previous Maryland 511 Twitter accounts provided an overflow of information.
  • Coming! New App: MDOT will launch a Maryland 511 mobile app in 2018. The new app will provide more customized traveler information and will no longer require you to provide your private information to the 511 system.

We are proud that the Maryland Department of Transportation provides one of the finest traveler information services in the nation. We are pleased to report that we are introducing this new, updated version of our public notification that will make your drive easier and safer. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our automated customer care management system by clicking on http://marylandsha.force.com/customercare/request_for_service. Make sure you select the Topic, "Maryland 511 Traveler Information".